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With the release of Riddle School 5, the immensely popular free point-and-click puzzle game continues to build upon its already impressive catalog of engaging entries.
The objective of this game is for you to once again assume control of Phil, the main character, as he goes on an epic journey to get away from his enemies, who are an exciting bunch of aliens that are putting existence in danger. Earth! You have made the decision to stage your attempt at eluding capture from the spaceship rather than the school this time around. You have that completely correct! You and your allies have been kidnapped by hostile extraterrestrials in this installment of the series of online games, and it is up to you to save both yourself and your allies so that you can combine into a single entity. regarding the planet Earth. You can locate things by selecting the labels that are displayed on them with your mouse. When you have an item in your possession, you may make use of it by clicking on it and dragging it about the screen.
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