About is an entertaining free IO game that has gained a great deal of notoriety and is loved by a sizable user base.
In order to win this game, you must invade the other players' regions while keeping control of your impostor in order to score as many points as you can. Attacking the other players' territories will help you achieve this. You can accomplish this by conquering the other players' regions. You need to have control over the path that your imposter follows in order to increase the size of the zone you're operating in. You don't have to be afraid to invade other pretenders' countries in order to increase the size of your own; doing so will help you win the competition. You will be in a better position than the others who are impersonating you if you accomplish this. By nibbling on the animals' tails, you can end their existence. You must always be aware of how crucial it is to defend your tail if you do not want to pass away before your time. You almost likely will die if you don't do that. You will find that you are in a more challenging situation than previously if your tail is a bit. Just keep in mind that you should use caution and prevent your adversary from winning. Always keep this in mind.
Let's begin the game, shall we?

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